Boxing, also called pugilism, is a combat sport in which two men or women fight each other using punching strikes for competition. Boxing is typically supervised by a referee engaged in during a series of one- to three-minute intervals called rounds, and boxers are generally of similar weight. There are four ways to win; if the opponent is knocked out and unable to get up before the referee counts to ten seconds (a knockout, or KO) or if the opponent is deemed too injured to continue (a Technical Knockout, or TKO), if an opponent is disqualified for breaking a rule, or if there is no stoppage of the fight before an agreed number of rounds, a winner is determined either by the referee’s decision or by judges’ scorecards.

The birth hour of boxing as a sport may be its acceptance by the ancient Greeks as an Olympic game as early as 688 BC. Modern boxing evolved in Europe, particularly Great Britain.

Boxing in the Bahamas has always been a favorite pass time for Bahamians. Wikipedia explains the Art of Boxing as a combat sport.

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  1. I would love to know more about boxing in The Bahamas. Can you email me information on upcoming events?

    1. Valencia I apologize for my late reply. The website was not being maintained. I will add more information from this year forward. Thank you for visiting.

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